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GDS Messaging is an important part of your day to day operations. Within this category, you'll find all of our articles and tutorials on GDS Messaging. 

How to Read GDS Messages

GDS Message Syntax

Standard Message Composition - Will teach you how to read a GDS message from top to bottom

GDS Message Identifiers

  1. DVD - Find out more specifics about Divide Messages
  2. PDM - Find out more about possible duplicate messages
  3. RLR - Find out more about Request for Locator messages
  4. CHNT - Find out more about Change Name Messages
  5. NAR - New Arrival Information
  6. NCO - New Continuation Information
  7. RQR - Request for reply
  8. AVS - Availability Status
  9. NRL - Advice of Record Locator change for PNR transferred from one Member/CRS system to another Airline Reservations/CRS System

Unhandled GDS Message Identifiers

GDS Codes

Action Codes in ameliaRES

Unhandled Action Codes - These codes are not currently handled in ameliaRES

Supplementary Element Codes

Special Service Request Codes (SSR)

GDS Message Interface

Message Interface "How to's"

  1. How to Check your GDS Messages - This article will show you how to process messages in the GDS Message Interface. This is for a standard message, with no special Types or Status Codes

Message Interface Code Definitions

  1. GDS Message Definitions - This article will teach you the syntax and supported status codes of ameliaRES GDS Message Interface. 

Message Type Codes

Message Status Codes

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